Organizing the Information Architecture


About We Make Change and its mission

We Make Change will make it simple to connect with and support the charities fighting for the causes you care about by giving your time, money or resources. Because we all have something we can give to help make the change we want to see in the world. By harnessing the power of the technology, We Make Change will make it possible for our generation to address the world's problems by making it simple for anyone, anywhere to give what they can to help solve them.




The website navigation system fosters different types of top level causes. Each cause focuses on a variety of subjects such as Environment, Animals, Health, Social Causes, etc.  Each cause should foster numerous subjects of related charities as sub-categories.



 How would users name the top level causes?



How would users group charity subjects under each cause?


Card Sort


In order to learn how users group charities and name charity groupings (causes), I have conducted Open Card Sort experiment. I wrote the names of the charities on cards, then tasked 4 users with grouping them into groups as they like, then asked them to name the groupings they've created. I started seeing overlapping results which is what I was looking for.


During the Open Card Sort, I discovered how users group the charities as well as how they name the groupings. Based on the grouping results, these are the 10 category names:


The second part of the experiment was a Closed Card Sort. Since the category name overlaps were clear, I let users focus on solely organizing the charity subjects this time. 




Click on image below to enlarge:



The Clarity System


I have discovered that the majority of the users have grouped the charities similarly, however, some users have placed the charities in different categories. Since this data is important, I chose to indicate it in a percentage system called "The Clarity System" so the stakeholders and the team can see how clearly users performed the task so they could take it into consideration. The percentage numbers indicates the likeliness of the users to group the charities under the same category.



Future Steps


Since the types of charities will constantly grow, We Make Change should periodically run the same experiment with the newly added subjects of charities in order to make sure the charities are properly classified, easily searchable, and not lost within the information hierarchy.