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We Make Change

Website Navigation Style Validation


About We Make Change and its mission

We Make Change will make it simple to connect with and support the charities fighting for the causes you care about by giving your time, money or resources. Because we all have something we can give to help make the change we want to see in the world. By harnessing the power of the technology, We Make Change will make it possible for our generation to address the world's problems by making it simple for anyone, anywhere to give what they can to help solve them.


The Problem

There are many styles for website navigations out there, but which navigation style serves the purpose of We Make Change the most and is most favorable by users? This is where I got involved.


Competitive Comparative Analysis

First, in order to understand the competition in the market and measure popularity and success factors, I analyzed 3 leading competitors in the market. I focused on brands that provide similar services and has the same mission: Indiegogo, YouCaring, and KickStarter.


I have analyzed the contents of the competitors Charity and Fundraiser pages that these leading brands share


Since users (contributors) wants to connect with the content quickly, I measured the competitors User Journey in order to find out the fastest and the most effective path from Home Page until they reach a Charity Page where they can make a contribution


I listed the elements shared in competitors home page in order to learn what users share. I also examined what information they place at the headers of their websites



Job Stories

In order to relate with the users and understand their needs, I created a list of 22 jobs stories that covers experience of users drowsing through the website. Based on my communications with the users, I chose to focus on the most important 3 Job Stories:

  • When I relate with charities I want to feel connected so I can donate.

  • When I donate I want to help others so I can create a change.

  • When I browse categories I want to see my favorite subject easily so I can donate fast.



User Testing

I tested the 3 types of wireframes with 6 users between the ages of 20 through 39




All users were screened before testing in order to make sure they are well versed with desktop computers and latest internet trends



64% of the users are experienced with donating money online at least once to charity websites such as Unicef and WorldVision



Users given the task to navigate through the categories and find Dog Shelter charities



Click Play in order to watch the interactive prototypes. They mimic the path the user would do from the home page in order to find Dog Shelter Charities


Option A


Option B


Option C




  • Goals were met by clearly validating that Option A is the users favorite, chosen by 100% of the users

  • All users showed enthusiasm about option A and verbally mentioned that it is effective, fun, visual, and as a result - It is the one they would like to see being used in the website

  • Alternatively, option C was found to be effective and easy to use by 84% of the users. It could be used, yet does not have the fun factor as Option A



Refinement & Delivery

Finally, after making refinements based off of the user testing results, I documented the requirements for the stakeholders, developers and Design Team.


Future Steps

  • Explore best placement for Search button

  • Explore best placement for Bread Crumbs

  • Explore best placement for Donation Card

  • Explore which features should be included in the Donation Card

  • Explore best practices for the Feed

  • Explore User Profile features