Client: United States Tennis Association
Tools used: Sketch, Invision, Invision DSM, Photoshop, Illustrator,



I was tasked with creating a membership renewal process for the new United States Tennis Association website. Previously, I designed the onboarding process, the account dashboard, and the way the main four personas of USTA interact with these processes. As a continuation, it was important for me to make sure users feel the harmony and consistency of the renewal process as a personal and intimate experience that lives inside their account dashboard. Building confidence in users also a key factor since the process requires payment and providing personal information.



As many of the brand users fall in the spectrum of the older generation, it was important for me to take some key factors into consideration; Older people are not as tech-savvy as millennials, they need a simple and to-the-point design with a clean, coherent look and feel and tone of voice across interactions. Also, avoiding information overload and clutter is extremely important.

In order to achieve those goals from the UI standpoint, I went with larger buttons, higher spaces between elements, and larger than typical text size so reading is easy and convenient. Addressing those goals from the UX standpoint, I divided the interaction between users and the system to smaller chunks so users are interacting with less information on each page. This makes it is easy for the users to stay focused and not become overwhelmed by too much information on each screen.

No matter what page the users are on, at any given moment, users always know where their location in the process is as well as have the freedom to go back to their account dashboard.


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Unify Language.png



People from different departments use their own language when they talk about the membership types. This is a major source of confusion between teams and ultimately for the users.


I recognized the need to organize and unify the language across departments and come up with proper naming for the types or memberships as well as for the necessary steps users take when renewing their memberships. I divided the process into two parts and named them Membership Models and Membership Plans. The Model defines the audience: Organizations, individuals, or a group, while the Plan establishes the type of membership for each model.




Even though membership models and plans vary and users need to pick the right choice for them, some of the brand’s personas such as coaches and organization directors wish to have a fast and painless renewal process as they are staying with their existing model and plan, so they can renew their membership and get back to their busy daily tasks.


I created an express checkout journey for the busy users who just want to extend their existing memberships. The process consists of only three steps: Renew, Pay, and Success pages.




See below the three types of membership renewals that I have created


Express renewal

This journey satisfies the needs of the personas who are specifically affiliated with organizations.


Customizable Renewal

This journey enables users to learn about the different memberships while allowing them to choose their desired plan.


Renewal of a linked account

I created this journey to satisfy the needs of the parents personas who wishes to renew the membership of their child, or a coach who wishes to renew the memberships of his/her students.





Easy, pragmatic journeys - The paths I’ve created enable users to comfortably interact with the system in their own preferred way, no matter what personas they represent. My goal was to divide the process into several easy chapters in order to avoid information overload and to deliver more intimate and customized experience.

Post-renewal options - Once membership has been renewed, it can be easily handled or changed if necessary at the user’s account dashboard

Cross-channel interactions - The onboarding process, account dashboard, and membership renewal processes are well integrated and work harmoniously with one another.